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Currently Available Programs

- Managing Rent Regulated Property in a Pandemic: The HSTPA of 2019 One Year Later, Regina Metropolitan and COVID-19 (3 NY Credits: 1 Skills, 2 PP)
- Managing Rent Regulated Property: Housing Court, Indoor Allergen Hazards and Certificates of No Harassment (3 NY Credits: 3 PP)
- Managing Rent Regulated Property Year End Review and New Compliance Requirements for 2020 (2.5 NY Credits: 2.5 PP)
- Rent Laws of 2019 (3 NY Credits: 3 PP)
- Rent Laws of 2019: Housing Court and the Lease Up Process (2.5 NY Credits: 2.5 PP)
- Rent Laws of 2019: Rent Regulations (2.5 NY Credits: 2.5 PP)
- Impact of the 2017 Federal Tax Law Changes on Apartment Building Owners (2 NY Credits: 2 PP Credits)